Finding an Amsterdam hand poke tattoo artist

When looking for an Amsterdam hand poke tattoo artist you should definitely check out the work of Roi Oosterbeek (@roi.punt) who’s subtle fine line and smart Amsterdam styled designs clearly reflect his background as a designer/illustrator.

amsterdam hand poke artist

Before he became part of the tattoo community Roi created cool designs for various fashion brands while also managing his own clothing brand.
But his interest shifted towards tattooing when Roi himself started getting tattooed. He was given a chance by an Amsterdam tattoo artist to apprentice under her and learn the art of hand poking.

Nowadays Roi is working at New Amsterdam Tattoo and a favorite among those who want fine line tattoos, often Amsterdam themed designs, and experience the art of hand poking which many say is less painfull than a regular tattoo machine.

Hand poking (also known as stick & poke) is a method of tattooing which is basically the same as using a tattoo machine, but the needle is hand powered rather than electric.
Inking someone’s body by hand has been done for thousands of years before it became an electric process thus being the oldest form of tattooing.

Hand poke tattoos are very subtle in their look, and nearly all styles can be achieved with various techniques but large tattoos are usually not common because hand poking takes a bit longer opposed to machine based tattoos. Most people would agree that hand poked tattoos look more natural and organic.

It is tattooing in it’s most basic form of applying ink to the skin, very simple, and that’s often the appeal of getting a hand poke tattoo. The aggressive buzz of a tattoo machine is no longer to be heard and it generally doesn’t hurt as much as a machine either. This is because it is less invasive which allows the skin to heal faster.

So if you would like a true Amsterdam hand poke tattoo you can contact Roi via our contact form and book your appointment or acquire general info on hand poked tattoos.

You can also follow Roi on Instagram: @roi.punt