Choosing the best tattoo shop in Amsterdam

Choosing the best tattoo shop in Amsterdam

When you want to commemorate your visit to Amsterdam there is no better way than to get tattooed at one of the many great tattoo shops we have in this beautiful city. There are plenty of ideas to get creative with regarding the design but choosing the best tattoo shop in Amsterdam might be a different challenge.

Here are some tips for finding the right place to get tattooed in Amsterdam:

1) Think about what kind of tattoo you want first, before thinking about where to get tattooed. The idea of the design and the style that works best for that idea are important and you should always go with the best artist within that style. Don’t just pick a random tattoo shop and think that they can do any style or because it is the one closest to your hotel or Airbnb.

2) If necessary to visualize your idea, find some reference images which you can show to the artist when explaining your design and use Google or Instagram to find shops and/or artists that best match with your idea and reference images. Via Instagram you can use hashtags to follow and/or find artists and shops in Amsterdam that might match with your idea, for instance #amsterdamtattoo or #amsterdamtattooartist.

3) There are many great tattoo shops in Amsterdam and some people make a short list of all the artists that they really like. And then they email them all at once. A better way would be to first check availabilty with your top 3 list of artists and email them accordingly. This way you can quickly narrow down your best match and know ahead of time if they are available.

4) Plan ahead; most good artists are in high demand and especially during summertime when Amsterdam is invaded with tourists they are usually booked with appointments months in advance. When you know the timeframe when you will be in Amsterdam you should check with your favorite artists if they have time and how it works to schedule an appointment with them.

5) Use the right platform for communicating with your artist or shop and be patient. Most tattooers are busy and usually don’t respond the same day that you send your email (it might even take a couple of days depending on their schedule). Also be cautious with sending messages via social media because many tattoo artists like to use one way of communicating (mostly email) and they are likely not to respond via social media or when they do it might be long after you send that message via Instagram or facebook.

6) And finally, choose your favorite artist, schedule the appointment and make the deposit, simple as that. Remember that all good shops ask for a deposit so that they have a confirmation that a customer is going to show up for their appointment (and we don’t have to wait for a no show on the day itself).

So you see, choosing the best tattoo shop in Amsterdam is not just about Googling the closest shop near your hotel but it takes some effort to find the right artist for the job (also because there are many great shops and artists to choose from).

At New Amsterdam Tattoo Studio we specialize in black only tattoos and our styles include dotwork, realism/portraits, fine line, mandala and geometric shapes.

If you have any questions about booking an appointment with one of our artists then don’t hesitate to email us or come by the shop when you are in the neighborhood.

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