Traditional & Old School Tattoos by Rochier, contact us also for cover ups

In tattooing it’s always good to push yourself further and discover other ways to create beautiful art that resembles a bit of your personality. Therefore Rochier has decided to focus more of his artwork towards Traditional tattoos with big and bold lines, bright colors (or blackwork) and dark shading which has proven to create tattoos that will stand the test of time and still look good in 20 years (or more).

It’s also a great style to do cover ups with as you can see in the example below, a cool Old School gypsy tattoo done by Rochier. This style has bold outlines and lots of black shading, making it the perfect solution for getting a solid tattoo and possibly covering that old one.

With his many years of experience as a tattoo artist Rochier can professionally advice you on designs and placement and make that new tattoo stand out like that was your original tattoo.

Rochier_amsterdam-tattoo_gypsy_old school_traditional

So if you would like some old school or (Neo) traditional tattoos done by Rochier then email us via the contact page with your ideas:
It’s also good to add some reference images of what you would like to get including a picture of your current tattoo so that we have an idea what needs to be covered.

Rochier works at our Amsterdam tattoo studio every Thursday and occasionally on other days (by request only).
For more tattoos by Rochier you can visit his portfolio in the tattoo gallery.

You can also follow him as @jailhousetattoo on Instagram.