Tattoo appointment vs walk in options

Tattoo appointment vs walk in options

When visiting Amsterdam and thinking about getting a tattoo in this great city you might consider that many Amsterdam tattoo shops are very busy, especially during the summer time. Most shops have a walk in option but scheduling a tattoo appointment in advance is usually preferred since it gives the tattoo artist more time to prepare a stunning design for you.

Our studio is specialized in dotwork, geometry, blackwork, Polynesian, mandalas and fine line tattooing and we therefore limit ourselves to these styles (we don’t do just every type of tattoo). This way we have developed and finetuned our skills in these specific tattoo styles and it enables us to create more and better original work.

It also means we usually need a bit more preparation for each design in order to get the best out of our creativity into every tattoo, because in the end it is the result that counts. A tattoo appointment also gives you the advantage that you know when you will be tattooed so that you don’t have to search at the last minute for a tattoo shop in Amsterdam that is available to squeeze you in.

We are open from Monday till Friday (no weekends) between 11.00 – 17.30 and welcome anyone looking for a solid tattoo or information about getting a tattoo.
But we do recommend to email or call us first and check what options we have available and which artist is the best for the job. Visit our Instagram page to see the latest tattoos and updates about our studio and walk in and cancellation options.

The best way to set up a tattoo appointment with us is to use the contact page on our website and send us a short description of your idea and some reference images. For any quick questions you can always call the studio but we do not schedule appointments via the phone (only by email).